June 14, 2016

Ep. 8 - Wu Fei @ Bodymindsoul Asia

This episode, martial arts and fitness expert Wu Fei talks to host Adam Skuse about her company Body Mind Soul Asia, which offers fitness training incorporating wu shu, yoga and tai chi.
Fei got into martial arts when she was six, at first attracted by the colourful outfits. However, it was not long before her passion for the sport became more than superficial and she was regularly winning national tournaments.
During the chat, Fei talks about how her competitive spirit and the support of her parents gave her the basis to achieve her dreams, and how building a personal connection with her clients keeps her motivated.
Click here to visit the Bodymindsoul Asia website.
Recorded Friday, February 19 2016 at Anken Life, Shanghai.
Incidental music by Filippo Codone. Used under Creative Commons.

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