January 6, 2016

Ep. 3 - David @ Westwood Ales

David Westwood of Westwood Ales comes from a family of entrepreneurs. He learned the basics of business as a schoolboy by selling flowers to his teachers, and getting stiffed on the profits by his sole investor - his dad.
David later came to China and continued in the entrepreneurial vein, with ventures that included selling house plants and establishing an education company.
That was before he and his brother, James, found the idea for Westwood Ales at the bottom of a glass of homebrew beer.
In this episode of Best Laid Plans, David talks to host Adam Skuse about the highs and lows of his adventures in brewing, and gives some great advice on branding, crisis management and the importance of committing to your goals.

Read more about Westwood Ales at their website and their Facebook page.


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