December 18, 2015

Ep. 2 - Ox @ Shanghai Bakery

Harauld Sextus, better known as Ox, spends his days coming up with palate-pillaging flavour combinations at Shanghai Bakery, the one-man baking band that he set up earlier this year.
An artist, videographer and self-confessed Jack of all trades, you won’t find anyone more passionate about their craft than Ox. He takes a philosophical approach to his business, putting self improvement and authenticity far above the bottom line. 
Ox is also a fantastic talker, especially when it comes to food. Such is his enthusiasm, he can make anything sound appetising, from the lowliest almond croissant to the unlikeliest doughnut-and-octopus combo.
Follow Shanghai Bakery on WeChat: SHBakery.
Here's the Time Out listing so you can pay a visit.

Recorded November 27 at an undisclosed cafe in Shanghai.
'Song for the Biotic Baking' by David Rovics. Used under Creative Commons.
Theme from 'Behind the Green Door' used without permission.

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